About Miascor

Always committed to service excellence

MIASCOR is the premier ground handling agency in the Philippines and is a member of the IATA Ground Handling Council. It was organized in 1981 to provide airlines with a choice of a viable alternative ground handler. MIASCOR operates in Manila, Cebu, Davao, Clark, Kalibo and will soon start operations in  Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

MIASCOR is a highly competent and fully equipped ground handling company with over 1,000 personnel.  It prides itself with a distinctive quality service which caters to the need of its clientele in the ever dynamic aviation industry. It delivers handling professionally and efficiently to practically all types of aircraft, from executive jets to the largest and most complicated wide-bodied passenger and  freighter aircraft.

Our Core Competencies

MIASCOR is the only Aviation Service Company in the Philippines that provides “One-Stop-Shop” service (i.e. ground handling, in-flight catering, customs-bonded warehouse, line maintenance and ULD assembly & repair) for incoming and outgoing international and domestic flights.

MIASCOR is the only Aviation Services Company with  nationwide presence in five (5) major airports: Manila, Cebu, Clark, Kalibo, and Davao.

Our People

To ensure professional and dedicated service, each airline client is assigned a specialized team whose members are highly trained on systems and procedures. Some of them are required to wear the airline uniform of their respective clients, not only to promote the airline’s identity and enhance its image, but also to foster a sense of belonging and loyalty within the team. The team members are trained to understand and anticipate their client’s needs, enabling each of them to provide the highest service standards demanded by today’s aviation and travel industry.

Awards and Commendations

MIASCOR has received numerous awards and commendations from airlines and passengers for outstanding service delivery. The awards range from all areas of operations such as fast and accurate check-in, thorough and efficient cabin cleaning, patience and perseverance in tracing lost luggage, safety and security awareness, honesty of personnel and vigilance in detecting fraud and documentation irregularities.

Our Equipment

MIASCOR continues to upgrade and invest in the latest ground support equipment.  Scheduled preventive maintenance checks are diligently performed by highly skilled mechanics. The excellent serviceability level of its ground support equipment enables MIASCOR to provide timely, efficient and safe handling of our clients’ aircraft, resulting in a true partnership with them in achieving high on-time reliability and consistent quality service.


Effective communication is so vital in airport operations; hence, MIASCOR has equipped itself with adequate information technology including ground to air communications.  MIASCOR operates the computerized airlines’ Departure Control System (DCS) for check-in and weight and balance.  It delivers automated boarding passes and baggage tags and provides through check-in for onward connections. It likewise provides access to baggage management systems and also provides data access for aeronautical information system (AIS) and weather reports.